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Can Sleep Medicine Help Me?

Those who routinely get a good night’s sleep often underestimate the importance of sleeping well. However, if you suffer from a sleep-sleep medicinerelated condition like sleep apnea or insomnia, you probably know and appreciate what a full night of sleep can do for you. Find out how sleep medicine can help you overcome your sleep-related conditions and get the rest you need with your doctor at Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC.

What is sleep medicine?

Sleep specialists are medical doctors who focus on treating sleep-related conditions using sleep medicine. Sleep specialists receive additional training and education in sleep medicine. Sleep medicine falls under several different medical classifications including psychiatry, neurology, and internal medicine and focuses on treating sleep disorders and sleep-related conditions. Your sleep specialist can help you diagnose, treat, prevent and manage your sleep disorder or sleep-related condition.

What does sleep medicine treat?

The National Institute of Health says that about 40 million Americans a year suffer from some sort of sleep disorder. Some of the most common disorders and sleep-related conditions treated by sleep medicine include:

  • sleep apnea

  • narcolepsy

  • insomnia

  • circadian disorders

  • bedwetting

  • sleepwalking

  • sleep paralysis

  • night terrors

  • bruxism (teeth grinding)

Sleep Medicine in Columbia

Your doctor will most likely suggest a sleep study to diagnose your sleep disorder. This will involve spending the night in a sleep laboratory while being monitored by laboratory technicians. Sleep studies often differ according to the patient and their symptoms and come in several forms. Your doctor will help you choose the right sleep study for you based on a physical examination and gathering your medical and familial histories. Treatments will vary based on your diagnosis and may range from simple lifestyle changes to machines which regulate airflow like a CPAP machine. Some cases may require surgery or therapy to treat the disorder.

For more information on sleep medicine and what it can do for you, please contact Dr. Richard Bogan at Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC. Call (803) 251-3093 to schedule an appointment today!

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