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Childhood Sleep Disorders

Although they are typically associated with adults, sleep disorders are also fairly common in children according to The Stanford Sleep childhood sleep disordersMedicine Center. In some cases, an adult with sleep issues may have actually developed the problem in childhood. Dr. Richard Bogan, a sleep doctor in Columbia, SC, offers diagnostic and treatment options for a number of sleep disorders that may be keeping your child awake at night, or preventing them from getting adequate rest through a full night's sleep.

Sleep Medicine in Columbia, SC

Sleep problems can cause a number of issues and related health problems, from headaches and difficulty concentrating to weight issues and irritability. However in children, sleep disorders can also interfere with academic performance and even affect their development. In cases of sleep disorders like sleep apnea that cause loud and chronic snoring, a sleep disorder in one member of the family can affect other members of the family as well, especially if they share a room or can hear the snoring from adjacent rooms.

Some of the sleep issues that affect children include:

  • Insomnia (difficulty falling and/or staying asleep)
  • Sleep apnea
  • Sleepwalking
  • Restless leg syndrome

Despite the fact that sleep disorders are similar in children and adults, the underlying causes and treatment or management usually vary to accommodate developmental considerations in children. Treatment for childhood and pediatric sleep disorders depends on the sleep disorder and underlying cause. Conditions like sleep apnea may be treated with assistive devices like the CPAP machine, which facilitates the flow of oxygen for normal breathing during sleep by keeping the airway open and unobstructed. Other sleep problems may require lifestyle and behavior modifications and therapy.

How to Tell if Your Child Has a Sleep Disorder

The most common signs of a sleep disorder are chronic snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and difficulty falling and staying asleep through the night.

Find a Sleep Doctor in Columbia, SC

To learn more about childhood sleep disorders and treatment options, contact Bogan Sleep Consultants by calling (803) 251-3093 to schedule an appointment with your sleep doctor, Dr. Bogan, today.

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