Difference Between Insomnia and Not Being Able To Fall Asleep

Difference Between Insomnia and Not Being Able To Fall Asleep

Getting proper sleep is essential for your health. However, many people struggle in this area. If you have sleep issues or sleep concerns, it is important to deal with this so that you can restore healthy sleep patterns. Your doctors can help at Bogan Sleep Consultants. If you are looking for a sleep doctor in Columbia, SC, keep reading to learn more about healthy sleep patterns.

What Should Healthy Sleep Look Like?

Healthy sleep can be different for different people, but it does have a few common factors. Most people with healthy sleep patterns can fall asleep within 20-30 minutes of lying down. This can be affected by certain factors such as caffeine consumption, stress, or screentime. In general, though, 20-30 minutes is a healthy amount of time to dose off.

Once asleep, an individual should stay asleep until woken. You may wake up to an alarm clock, or you may simply wake up on your own. During your sleep, you should not wake up more than once or twice, and you should be able to fall back asleep rather quickly.

Once you wake up, you should be able to get through your day without significant amounts of fatigue or sleepiness.

Do I Have Insomnia?

Many people think they have insomnia if there is any disturbance in their sleep patterns. This is not always the case, though. If you occasionally have trouble falling asleep, that does not necessarily mean you have insomnia. In most cases, a person simply needs to work on their sleep habits to improve their quality of sleep. By visiting a sleep doctor in Columbia, SC, you can get advice on how to improve your sleep habits. This is also sometimes called sleep hygiene.

True insomnia is categorized by having at least three of the following sleep issues.

  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Waking too early
  • Poor quality of sleep

If you have three of these issues present, a visit to a sleep specialist will help you get to the root of the problem. Insomnia can be caused by many different factors. A sleep doctor in Columbia, SC, will be able to evaluate your lifestyle habits and bedtime habits to determine what is causing your sleep disturbances.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us at Bogan Sleep Consultants. Your doctors are here to answer your questions and help you get back to sleep. Call us at (803) 251-3093 today.

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