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How Does Stress Affect My Sleep?

How Does Stress Affect My Sleep?

Living with stress can severely impact our daily lives. It is true that many of us struggling with stress are likely already dealing with difficulties, the stressors themselves. To compound this there are the sleep problems that often result from stress and the very damaging effects that occur as a result. Problems with sleep could translate into sleep disorders and this is where your Columbia, SC, professionals, of Bogan Sleep Consultants, can help. They're who to turn to if you are wanting to know more about stress and sleep, and for help with diagnosing and treating common sleep disorders.

Stress and Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can be brought on by stress. It can affect our ability to remain asleep, to fall asleep when we want to, and the quality of our sleep. Stress can arise from a number of sources, commonly it's as a result of a life change, whether related to work or family, often due to loss. So it's important to address the source of stress whenever possible, but lack of sleep can make that task doubly difficult.

Why Sleep is Important

Not sleeping enough can negatively influence our lives in the daytime. Cognitive deficiencies are the most readily felt. Lack of sleep can cause problems with performing everyday tasks, even the simplest. It can affect our memory, further damaging our performance in work and life settings, and also our mood. Insomnia can also affect our immune system, putting us at risk of short-term illness and chronic conditions in the long run.

Insomnia Treatment in Columbia, SC

Stress can often be managed by lifestyle changes including exercise, diet, and by avoiding stressors as much as we can. In helping manage it and the resulting insomnia, your doctor can help.

If you experience recurring difficulty with sleeping about three times per week for about three months you are very likely suffering from insomnia. If you believe this is you it's time to schedule a consultation with the sleep experts at Bogan Sleep Consultants who have the means for diagnosing and treating a variety of sleep disorders, including insomnia. To schedule an appointment in Columbia, SC, dial (803) 251-3093.

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