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Insomnia in Children

A good night's sleep is very important for everyone at any age, but it's especially so for teenagers and children as it can be crucial for their development. They need more of it than adults do. While lack of sleep can often be addressed by lifestyle changes, insomnia in children may be cause for concern and could require the intervention of a specialist. To learn more, reach out to your Columbia, SC, professionals of Bogan Sleep Consultants.

The Importance of Sleep

We tend to think of insomnia as a largely adult problem because it's our adult problems that often drive away sleep. But just a degree of self-reflection can remind us of the tumultuous times from our teenage years. Teenagers require between 9 and 10 hours of sleep every night, with younger children needing even more as a minimum.

A recurring problem with lack of sleep can contribute to difficulties concentrating, both at home and in the classroom, with irritability and depression, among other physical consequences. So it's important to treat insomnia early to avoid all these issues from compounding.

You can often help your child by adjusting their sleeping environment and habits. Both by setting up a bedtime as well as a wake time for them can benefit them even if they're older. Taking steps toward developing a nightly routine can be very beneficial as well, such as incorporating other healthy habits like brushing their teeth, reducing their intake of caffeinated drinks, and minimizing screen time when it's close to bedtime.

Insomnia Treatment in Columbia, SC

If traditional approaches don't help improve your child's sleep then they may be dealing with a sleep disorder, which means it is time to turn to a professional. Your doctor can help narrow down the medical reason why your child can't get enough sleep through interviews, examinations, and may suggest an overnight sleep test in the office to confirm any diagnosis. Our facilities combine advanced technology with a very home-like atmosphere to help your child relax and to analyze how their body reacts as they sleep.

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