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Signs Your Child May Have a Sleep Disorder

Is your child often lethargic and irritable? A sleep disorder may be to blame. Dr. Richard Bogan, who practices sleep medicine at Bogan sleep disorderSleep Consultants in Columbia, SC, shares a few signs that may occur if your child has the disorder.


Snoring can occur if your child has a cold or enlarged tonsils, but may also happen if he or she suffers from sleep apnea. Although sleep apnea is most common in adults, the condition does affect a small percentage of children. Sleep apnea occurs when your son or daughter stops breathing for intervals that typically last from 10 to 60 minutes. The breathing pauses happen frequently during the night, depriving your child's brain of oxygen. Sleep apnea can affect your child's development and increase the risk of bed wetting and heart disease. A visit to a Columbia, SC sleep center for a sleep study may be recommended if your son or daughter exhibits sleep apnea signs.


Insomnia isn't just the inability to fall asleep, but also includes waking in the middle of night or waking up too early in the morning. When your son or daughter doesn't get enough sleep, he or she may have trouble staying awake or concentrating at school and may seem cranky or depressed.

Jerky or uncomfortable legs

Have you noticed that your child's legs jerk often when he or she sleeps? Periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD) can interrupt your child's sleep due to frequent arm or leg movements or cramps. Restless leg syndrome often occurs in conjunction with PLMD. RLS causes tingling or other uncomfortable sensations that can only be relieved by moving the legs.

Sleep walking

It's funny when characters in movies walk in their sleep, but it's not quite as amusing when your child sleep walks. Sleep walking children can hurt themselves and disrupt the sleep patterns of the entire family during the episodes.

Frequent nightmares

Everyone experiences nightmares from time to time, but when bad dreams occur almost nightly, your child can suffer. Thanks to nightly dreams, your son or daughter may be drowsy during the day or resist falling asleep at night, which can lead to chronic insomnia.

Sleep medicine specialists offer effective treatments for children and adults who have sleep disorders. If you're concerned that your child may have a sleep disorder, call sleep medicine specialist Dr. Richard Bogan of Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC, at (803) 251-3093 to schedule an appointment.

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