What is PLMS?

What is PLMS?

How your doctor in Columbia, SC, can help you get a great night of sleep

Are you restless during the night? Do you feel groggy when you wake up, like you haven’t slept at all? If this sounds like you, you could be suffering from periodic limb movements during sleep, also known as PLMS. It’s serious business if you can’t sleep, so you need serious treatment. Dr. Richard K. Bogan at Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC, can help you get relief from PLMS and sleep soundly at night.

When you have PLMS, you will make repetitive, stereotyped movements while you are sleeping, You will feel fatigued and experience highly disruptive sleep disturbances. According to the National Sleep Foundation, you will make uncontrolled movements every 10 to 60 seconds which can last from a few minutes to a few hours. Some of these uncontrolled movements include:

  • Toe or foot flexing
  • Ankle and knee bending
  • Hip twitching

The exact cause of PLMS is unknown, but there are several identifiable risk factors which can put you at greater risk of acquiring the condition. Some of the risk factors of PLMS include:

  • High stress levels or a high caffeine intake
  • Taking certain medications including antidepressants
  • Having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD
  • Having restless leg syndrome

Your sleep specialist can diagnose PLMS and provide effective treatments to give you a great night of sleep. The first step is a sleep study to diagnose the condition. If you do have PLMS, your doctor may recommend several effective treatment options including:

  • Limiting or avoiding caffeine because caffeine can promote symptoms of PLMS
  • Taking iron supplements because low iron levels can increase PLMS symptoms
  • Taking medications including dopamine agonists to reduce symptoms of PLMS

Sleeping well is as critical to your health as eating, drinking, and breathing. You must sleep well in order for your body to heal and function well. PLMS can interfere with your sleep, but you can get some relief. If you are having trouble sleeping, you need to call Dr. Richard K. Bogan at Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC, today at (803) 251-3093!

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