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What Types of Sleep Tests are There?

Getting a full and restful night of sleep each night is essential to your ongoing good health. When there’s a problem, it can affect sleep testseverything. At Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC, Dr. Richard Bogan can conduct a sleep test to determine what may be ailing you. Learn more about the various sleep tests that can be conducted.

Sleep Disorders
A sleep disorder is any issue that disrupts your ability to have a complete, deep restful sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours each night. A sleep disorder may cause you to wake up several times or more during the evening (sleep apnea) or prevent you from going to sleep altogether (insomnia). Narcolepsy (falling asleep at inappropriate times during the day) is also a concerning sleep disorder. Some people have problems sleeping because of pain (fibromyalgia and back pain).

Types of Sleep Tests
The team at Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia can help determine what sleep disorder may be affecting you by conducting a sleep test. Here are a few of the most common tests:

- Polysomnogram (monitors brain waves and activities while you’re sleeping).
- Multiple Sleep Latency Test (measures how quickly you can go to sleep in a two-hour period).
- CPAP Titration (utilizes a CPAP machine to determine if the problem is related to sleep apnea; usually done after a Polysomnogram test).
- Self-Assessment Test (a form that helps you evaluate your sleep risk).

Getting Help
You need your sleep for good mental, emotional, and physical health. These are some of the most common treatments available for sleep disorders:

- CPAP machines to help regulate breathing while sleeping.
- Medication for anxiety, restlessness, and pain.
- Identification and treatment of underlying causes of the sleep disorder.
- Sleeping pills.
- Dental devices for sleep apnea.

Talk to a Sleep Consultant
The team at Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC can help you with your sleep problems. The first step is to identify the specific problem using a sleep test. Call 803-251-3093 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bogan.

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