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When Do I Need a Sleep Study?

Are you dealing with a sleep disorder? A sleep study will be able to tell you.

While a bad night of sleep can certainly be miserable, it’s something that everyone will deal with. The important thing is that you are getting quality sleep the rest of the time. It’s also important to recognize when your restlessness, daytime fatigue, and other symptoms could be signs of an underlying sleep problem. In this case, it’s prudent to turn to your Columbia, SC, sleep doctors for a sleep test if you are dealing with the following symptoms:


Having a cold can lead to a rather unpleasant night of snoring. However, if your partner complains that you snore regularly or that your snoring is incredibly loud, this could be a sign of sleep apnea. Snoring often goes overlooked but it’s important that it doesn’t. Even if snoring isn’t caused by sleep apnea, this nocturnal noise could cause you to deal with poor, restless, and unfulfilling sleep night after night.

Extreme Fatigue

Do you wake up feeling exhausted and unrefreshed despite getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep? Do you find yourself needing a nap midday or having trouble keeping your eyes open after lunch? If so, this lingering exhaustion could be a sign that you’re not getting good quality sleep and that a sleep disorder could be to blame. If you’re getting a full night’s rest but you still don’t feel energized and alert during the day, it’s time to see a sleep specialist to find out why.

Brain Fog

Do you find yourself having trouble focusing or staying on task? Do you often forget what you were doing? If concentration and memory seem to be eluding you it could be a sign of sleep apnea. The good news is that brain fog, poor concentration, and memory issues associated with sleep apnea often go away once a patient starts using CPAP treatment.


While all of us will have trouble falling or staying asleep at some point, this shouldn’t be something you deal with regularly. If you find yourself having trouble falling asleep, or if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep, and this problem persists for more than two weeks it’s time to talk with our Columbia, SC, sleep doctors.

If you are dealing with warning signs of a sleep disorder, it’s important that you turn to a sleep specialist that can diagnose and treat your condition to help you get better sleep. To schedule a sleep study with our Columbia, SC, sleep doctors, call Bogan Sleep Consultants today at (803) 251-3093.

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