Dealing with Insomnia

Dealing with Insomnia

If it's a never-ending battle to try and fall asleep, or you can't stay asleep, you may have insomnia. If a lack of sleep is affecting your quality of life, you may need to see a sleep doctor in Columbia, SC. At Bogan Sleep Consultants, our team of doctors and staff are ready to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

A Closer Look at Insomnia

If you feel unrefreshed or fatigued most of the time because you can't fall asleep and stay asleep, you may be struggling with Insomnia. The problem is common among many people, and it often results in lower energy levels, mood disorders, and an inability to function properly. 

In many cases, people with insomnia can't fall asleep even when they're exhausted. To learn more about dealing with insomnia and why you can't sleep, schedule a consultation with a sleep doctor in Columbia, SC.

Other people who have insomnia wake up intermittently during their sleep cycles and struggle to fall back asleep. Insomnia is a disorder, but it's often a symptom of other disorders or medical problems. For example, if a person is dealing with too much stress or has undiagnosed mental health problems, insomnia is more than likely a symptom of those underlying issues.

Fortunately, you can manage insomnia by making behavioral changes and addressing the underlying causes. However, you need to figure out what the underlying issues are before you can make these changes. Here are some common problems associated with insomnia:

  • Struggling with chronic worry or anxiety
  • Feeling hopeless or emotionally flat
  • Dealing with a traumatic experience
  • Taking over-the-counter or prescription medications
  • Chronic health problems

Many medical problems, like hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, Parkinson's disease, asthma, and chronic pain, are also known to cause insomnia. Medications for high blood pressure, antidepressants, stimulants, and thyroid hormone medications are also known to cause insomnia.

Once you find the underlying issues causing your insomnia, you can start making the behavioral and lifestyle changes you need to get a better night's sleep. However, these changes might not be enough if you're struggling with chronic issues.

If you think a chronic medical condition or behavioral health issue is causing your insomnia, schedule a consultation with a sleep doctor in Columbia, SC today by contacting Bogan Sleep Consultants at (803) 251-3093.

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