What Is CPAP Titration?

What Is CPAP Titration?

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes interrupted breathing while sleeping. The disorder makes it difficult to feel fully rested in the morning and often causes excessive daytime drowsiness. CPAP titration is a sleep test that aids in planning and calibrating the correct treatment settings needed for alleviating sleep apnea symptoms so patients can finally sleep peacefully. In Columbia, SC, CPAP titration sleep tests are performed at Bogan Sleep Consultants. 

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder condition primarily characterized by brief interruptions in breathing while sleeping. These pauses in breathing are often due to a blocked or collapsed airway. The disordered breathing makes it difficult to achieve restful sleep. Other signs and symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring, sudden choking or gasping for breath while asleep, feeling unrested upon waking, and excessive daytime sleepiness. 

CPAP Treatment

A common method for treating sleep apnea is CPAP therapy. CPAP works by delivering a continuous flow of air pressure throughout the night so that the airway remains open. The CPAP machine delivers air pressure through a mask or nasal inserts worn by the patient while sleeping. The consistent positive flow of air pressure keeps the airway open, stops snoring, and prevents interruptions in breathing so restful sleep can be achieved. 

CPAP Titration Sleep Test

We perform a sleep test known as CPAP titration at our Columbia, SC, sleep center. Once a patient is diagnosed with sleep apnea (usually after undergoing a polysomnogram sleep test), the CPAP titration test aids in determining the correct air pressure setting on the CPAP machine to prevent pauses in breathing, snoring, and other symptoms of sleep apnea.  

The CPAP titration test is performed overnight in our relaxing and comfortable sleep center. The patient goes to sleep in a bedroom-like setting while connected to a CPAP machine. A sleep expert will adjust the air pressure delivered by the CPAP machine throughout the night until breathing is no longer disordered, snoring stops, and sleep becomes normal. The goal is to identify the optimal air pressure setting to help the patient sleep better at home using the CPAP machine.

CPAP titration is an effective test for determining the amount of air pressure needed to keep the airway open during the night so you can finally get the restful sleep you deserve. To learn more about sleep apnea treatment and CPAP titration in Columbia, SC, contact Bogan Sleep Consultants at (803) 251-3093.

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