Narcolepsy - Symptoms and Causes

Narcolepsy - Symptoms and Causes

Just as with many sleep disorders, the negative impact that narcolepsy can have on your everyday life can often be felt even while you are wide awake. Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological condition that by itself isn't necessarily life-threatening, but because it can cause a sudden urge to sleep it can put you in dangerous situations as well as affect your overall health. Below will be outlined a few of the most common symptoms of narcolepsy as well as the causes and risk factors, but if you are concerned about the condition you can learn a lot more by reaching out to your local sleep experts of Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC.


The symptoms of narcolepsy are not always easily recognized when they begin to appear, which begin to manifest in the mid-teens, and are sometimes misdiagnosed.

The most common symptom associated with narcolepsy is the sudden and overwhelming urge to sleep, but there are others that are also important to consider.

You may experience fragmented sleep, that is, difficulty staying asleep at night. Problems like hallucinations while trying to fall asleep and sleep paralysis can also sometimes be symptoms of the condition.


The exact cause of narcolepsy isn't yet known but experts believe that there is a link to the decreased amount of a protein in the brain called hypocretin, the role of this protein is to regulate sleep and wake cycles.

It is also believed that having a family history of narcolepsy can increase your chances of developing it, and some suggest it may be linked to an autoimmune issue.

Although other factors to consider include infection, brain trauma, and stress.

Narcolepsy Treatment in Columbia, SC

There is no cure for narcolepsy so the goal of treatment is to help you manage your symptoms. Treatment includes medication and lifestyle changes, namely exercise, and helping you avoid potentially dangerous situations.

If you are concerned about narcolepsy or other sleep disorders you can schedule a consultation in Columbia, SC, with Bogan Sleep Consultants by dialing (803) 251-3093.

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