Common Childhood Sleep Disorders

Common Childhood Sleep Disorders

Getting a good night’s sleep helps kids with learning, attention, and memory. It also contributes to better overall physical and mental health. Children who experience a sleep disorder do not necessarily get the restful sleep they need, which can affect school performance, health, and other areas. The experienced sleep specialists at Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC, treat childhood sleep disorders.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders and conditions, such as snoring or sleepwalking, can interfere with your child’s ability to sleep. Not getting adequate sleep can have several adverse effects, including difficulty concentrating or diminished energy throughout the day. We diagnose and treat childhood sleep disorders at our Columbia, SC, sleep center. We can help your child sleep better by identifying the cause of their sleep problems.

Examples of some common childhood sleep disorders include:

Insomnia — Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night that persists for one month or more.

Arousal Disorders — An episode of partial arousal or wakefulness from a deep sleep. Patients can appear to be awake or alert, while simultaneously being unresponsive and coming across as disoriented or confused. Many often do not recall the episode the next morning.

Nighttime Sleep Behaviors — Also called parasomnias, nighttime sleep behaviors include things like sleepwalking, sleep talking, sleep paralysis, sleep terrors, and nightmares.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) — A condition associated with brief interruptions or pauses in breathing while sleeping. Breathing is disrupted when the soft tissues in the throat relax and collapse across the airway. Snoring is a common symptom of OSA.

Restless Legs Syndrome — A condition in which there is a strong urge to stretch or move the legs due to discomfort. The urge often occurs at bedtime, making it difficult to fall asleep. Some children toss and turn or even get up and walk around to alleviate the discomfort in their legs.

Polysomnogram Sleep Test

Sleep tests or studies allow sleep specialists to gather information about a patient’s sleep patterns in order to identify the cause of poor sleep. A common type of sleep study used with children and adults is a polysomnogram (PSG). This type of sleep test is used to analyze breathing patterns, brain waves, heart rate, body movements, and other factors while your child sleeps. The information gathered during the test aids in identifying specific sleep issues that are interfering with your child’s ability to sleep.

Sleep tests are performed overnight at our sleep center in a relaxing and comfortable homelike bedroom setting. We use the most technologically advanced sleep study equipment available to ensure we obtain prompt and accurate results that are then used to diagnose the sleep disorder affecting your child. Once a diagnosis is made, our sleep consultants will develop a treatment plan to help your child achieve more restful sleep on a consistent basis.

Obtaining restful sleep every night is important for everyone, but especially kids since they are still growing and developing. A sleep disorder can interfere with the ability to sleep, which can affect performance in school and other activities. For the treatment of childhood sleep disorders in Columbia, SC, contact Bogan Sleep Consultants at (803) 251-3093.

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