What Is a Multiple Sleep Latency Test?

What Is a Multiple Sleep Latency Test?

Do your sleep problems warrant testing?

Do you find yourself dealing with extreme fatigue or tiredness throughout the day? While a poor night of sleep can certainly do this to you, if this is something that is happening to you regularly or if these problems are so severe that it impacts your ability to get through the day, then you might benefit from undergoing a multiple sleep latency test with the Columbia, SC, sleep doctors at Bogan Sleep Consultants.

What Should I Expect?

Unlike most sleep studies, a multiple sleep latency test is performed during the day to evaluate your daytime sleepiness. During this test, the individual will undergo four or five scheduled naps. In most cases, a multiple sleep latency test is performed after you’ve already undergone a standard sleep study with our Columbia, SC, sleep specialists.

You will be placed in a dark, quiet room that ensures you are comfortable and that no outside factors could impact your sleep. From there, sensors will be placed on your body, and you will be instructed to lie down. A technician will wake you up about 15 minutes after you fall asleep; however, if you don’t fall asleep within 20 minutes, your nap session and a new trial will begin within two hours. During that time, you will need to stay awake. Individuals often read or watch something on their phones to pass the time.

Who Can Benefit From a Multiple Sleep Latency Test?

If you've undergone a traditional sleep study with us due to extreme daytime sleepiness and you suspect this symptom could be due to narcolepsy or hypersomnia, our team may recommend a multiple sleep latency test.

How Do I Prepare for My Multiple Sleep Latency Test?

Factors such as caffeine or taking certain medications could impact your results. Our Columbia, SC, sleep doctors will provide detailed instructions on what to avoid before your test.

Bogan Sleep Consultants provides comprehensive sleep testing, including multiple sleep latency testing for children, teens and adults in Columbia, SC. If you are dealing with daytime fatigue, call (803) 251-3093 to schedule an evaluation with us.

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