Sleep Tests: What To Expect

Sleep Tests: What To Expect

Few People Get Enough Sleep

Dr. Richard Bogan and Dr. Laura Herpel welcome you to Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC. We are leaders in the field of sleep tests in Columbia, SC.

Our bodies demand adequate sleep every night. When we do not get the rest that our body needs, our daily activities during our waking hours suffer. Inadequate sleep consistently shows its effects on our everyday routine and our job. In addition, our expected productivity suffers when the body lacks sufficient sleep. 

The CDC says society's lack of sleep is an epidemic.

Alternative, Innovative, and Revealing Sleep Testing

Dr. Bogan and Dr. Herpel at Bogan Sleep Consultants are leaders in the field of sleep tests in Columbia, SC. Our doctors explain that at least six sleep test options help them determine why you are not getting your required hours of sleep every night. A sleep study is the only way to identify underlying problems and address a definitive care plan once we determine your issue.

You can expect something different with each test. However, each test is comfortable and pain-free in a homelike bedroom setting meant to fully help you rest and relax and doze off into a Rem sleep. Sometimes the doctor may order a sleep aid to help you fall asleep faster.  

Bring PJs or comfortable nightwear. Expect to have wires attached to your body from head to toe. A sleep study is the only way the doctor can monitor you effectively. You can usually bring a bedtime snack, watch a bit of television, or read a book before dozing off to sleep. 

The doctor may perform some of the following tests.

A polysomnogram monitors your breathing, heart, muscles, brain waves, sleep pattern, and more while you sleep.

CPAP Titration helps to adjust and readjust CPAP and BIPAP machines until apnea disappears.

The Split-Night PSG Test confirms your sleep apnea diagnosis and corrects air pressure.

The Multiple Sleep Latency Test tells how rapidly you fall asleep by analyzing daytime sleepiness. Expect five twenty-minute naps at two-hour intervals. 

Are You Part of America's Sleep Deprivation Epidemic?

Dr. Bogan and Dr. Herpel welcome you to Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC. Call us today at (803) 251-3093 to see about sleep tests. These doctors say that consistent sleep deprivation impacts every part of your life.

  • Longevity
  • Mood/Behavior
  • Risk for disease and illness
  • Affects Productivity at work and home
  • Increasingly prone to accidents/injuries
  • Increases Risk for Heart Attack  
  • Interferes with relationships
  • Interferes with logical judgment and common sense
  • Slow reaction times

Sleep deprivation is dangerous to your health and needs attention.

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