Sleep Tests: What to Expect

Sleep Tests: What to Expect

At Bogan Sleep Consultants, our Dr. Richard Bogan and Dr. Laura Herpel provide Columbia, SC, and the nearby region with sleep tests to diagnose various disorders. Before you receive one of these tests, you may wonder what to expect.


The consultation occurs before you have any of the sleep tests performed. During this portion of the exam, a doctor from our team will ask you questions about the sleep habits you have. Our practitioner will want to know how many hours of sleep you get, if you wake up throughout the night, and how you feel in the morning, among other questions. This might be enough for our physician to have a rough idea of what's wrong, and we'll use a sleep test to confirm. In some cases, our practitioner may recommend a sleep test to assess and diagnose.

On the Day of Your Sleep Test

We recommend wearing a comfortable pair of pajamas or sleep clothes to your study. All of our patients who are referred for sleep tests are recommended to bring a robe and slippers since you may need to walk outside of your quarters.

On the night before or the day of your study, don't use any hair conditioner or skin moisturizer. These can make it difficult for the electrodes to remain stuck to your skin. Stop eating or drinking all items with caffeine on the day of your study.

Different Types of Tests

After you complete a consultation with us, our Columbia, SC, practitioner will determine what test you'll receive. The type of test will depend on what your complaints or symptoms are. For instance, if you have symptoms of sleep apnea, our physician may recommend a polysomnogram, which is a test that consists of our practitioner monitoring your vitals as you sleep. You might need a follow-up test where you sleep with a CPAP machine, and the practitioner will alter it as necessary to see which setting works best for you.

During the Test

While the tests vary, you may be connected to electrodes that constantly send over your vital signs as you sleep. The doctor can see if you're waking up throughout the night, falling asleep quickly, or staying asleep throughout the night.

Sometimes, we may send you home with a mini-test that you'll need to return to us. We can check on your vitals as you sleep in the comfort of your own bed, although the testing isn't as extensive.

Bogan Sleep Consultants, our Dr. Bogan and Dr. Herpel offer sleep tests for people throughout Columbia, SC, and the nearby region. Book an appointment to discuss your sleep issues by calling us at (803) 251-3093 today.

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