The Importance of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is crucial to your health. Without sleep, your body can’t function, and you’ll find yourself unable to perform everyday tasks. When you’re dealing with sleep issues, it affects your entire life, and you might find that you’re struggling to perform at your job or at school. It’s important to take steps to correct your sleep issues and start improving your life again. Dr. Richard Bogan, and Dr. Laura Herpel, at Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC, can help you address your sleeping problems and finally get the good night’s sleep that you deserve.

Addressing Your Sleeping Problems

When you’re having problems getting sleep, it can be frustrating, and you might find that it’s difficult to function during the day. There are steps that our sleep doctor in Columbia, SC, might recommend to address your sleeping problems. You can make lifestyle changes to hopefully help you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Our sleep doctor will ask questions about your sleep habits and make recommendations accordingly. You should avoid caffeine in the evening, stick to a strict sleep schedule, and stay active throughout the day. You can also try different methods to help you relax while you’re getting ready for bed. If you’re making changes and it isn’t helping, your sleep doctor can start with testing to see what could be affecting you.

You may need treatments like CPAP or a mouth guard to help with specific issues. Once these issues are addressed and treatment has started, you should be able to sleep through the night and start feeling well rested each day.

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