• The Difference Between Snoring and Sleep Apnea
    If you're one of the millions of Americans who snore when they sleep, you might be wondering if it's just harmless noise or a potential disorder. If you're consistently waking Read more
  • What Happens During a Sleep Study?
    Do you need a sleep doctor in Columbia, SC? Are you wondering about what happens during a sleep study? Allow the doctors at Bogan Sleep Consultants to fill you in Read more
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    If you’re suffering from obstructive sleep apnea or any other sleep problems, the experts at Bogan Sleep Consultants, your sleep doctor in Columbia, SC, can help you determine the cause Read more
  • Dealing with Insomnia
    If it's a never-ending battle to try and fall asleep, or you can't stay asleep, you may have insomnia. If a lack of sleep is affecting your quality of life, Read more
  • The Difference Between Sleep Apnea vs Narcolepsy
    If you wake up feeling exhausted and restless, even after a full night’s sleep, there may be a sleep disorder affecting you. There are a few different types of sleep Read more
  • Childhood Sleep Disorders FAQs
    When it comes to your child, you always want to make sure that they’re living their best life and that they’re able to sleep comfortably and well. There are sleep Read more
  • How Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD) Can Effect Your Sleep
    Your journey to a healthier life begins when you take the time necessary to get help with your sleep. Put another way, you need to focus on getting the rest Read more
  • How To Treat Sleep Apnea
    According to Bogan Sleep Consultants, LLC., sleep apnea belongs to a family of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD) that disrupt the sleep and lives of millions of Americans every single year. Read more
  • Importance of REM Sleep
    Speak to the doctors at Bogan Sleep Consultants, and they will tell you that sleep is one of the most important human functions. Sleep helps the body restore itself and Read more
  • Difference Between Insomnia and Not Being Able To Fall Asleep
    Getting proper sleep is essential for your health. However, many people struggle in this area. If you have sleep issues or sleep concerns, it is important to deal with this Read more
  • Pros and Cons of Taking Melatonin
    Melatonin is a hormone that the body produces normally. Because its production is stimulated by darkness and reduced by light conditions, it has been studied as a part of and Read more
  • What Causes Sleep Walking?
    If you've ever walked in your sleep or been around someone who sleepwalks, you know that it can be a jarring experience. The sleep doctors at Bogan Sleep Consultants in Columbia, SC, Read more
  • Types of Sleep Studies
    Find out which sleep studies we perform and why they are performed. Battling insomnia? Dealing with loud, chronic snoring? Worried you might have sleep apnea? If so, our Columbia, SC, sleep Read more
  • Sleepwalking: Causes and Symptoms
    Find out why sleepwalking happens and what you can do about it. Sleepwalking, or somnambulism is a sleep disorder that is most common amongst children and causes a child or adult Read more
  • Getting Help for Your Sleep Apnea
    Think you might have sleep apnea? Here’s what to do about it… Do you find yourself feeling exhausted most of the day? Do you need to nap in the afternoon or Read more
  • How Does Stress Affect My Sleep?
    How Does Stress Affect My Sleep? Living with stress can severely impact our daily lives. It is true that many of us struggling with stress are likely already dealing with difficulties, Read more

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