• Treating Childhood Sleep Disorders
    A sleep disorder is any condition or complication that negatively affects your ability to sleep soundly. Adults are supposed to sleep between seven and nine hours per day, but children Read more
  • What is a Sleep Test?
    There are several types of sleep disorders that affect millions of Americans every year. According to the Cleveland Clinic, approximately 70 million people suffer from acute or chronic sleep problems Read more
  • Are You Dealing With Nightmares or Sleepwalking?
    A sleep disorder is any disruption that you have when you’re trying to fall or stay asleep. Poor sleep can cause a number of challenges in your waking hours, including Read more
  • Are You Dealing with Narcolepsy?
    Do you find yourself consistently nodding off throughout the day? If so, you may have narcolepsy. Sure, we all get a bad night’s sleep every once in a while and Read more
  • Signs That You May Have Sleep Apnea
    Snoring and breathing pauses are the most noticeable signs of sleep apnea, but the disorder may also cause a few subtler signs and symptoms. Treating sleep apnea as soon as Read more
  • Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep (PLMS)
    Are you tired during the day? Have you started experiencing insomnia? Is your spouse complaining that your legs move for prolonged periods of time while you are sleeping? These symptoms Read more
  • Are You Dealing With Insomnia?
    Chronic insomnia is a condition that affects 10 percent of Americans according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and it is related to a number of other health conditions. Read more
  • How We Can Help With Childhood Sleep Disorders
    Is your child sleepy during the day? Is he having nightmares or just cannot fall asleep? Do her siblings complain about her loud snoring? These signs and more could indicate Read more
  • Sleep Apnea: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options
    Sleep Apnea: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options Do you have sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a disorder that affects millions of people in the United States, and it occurs when your Read more
  • Types of Sleep Tests
    Having trouble catching those ZZZs? A sleep study could provide some helpful insight. More often than not you probably hear someone complaining about not getting enough sleep. Maybe you wrestle with Read more
  • Ways to Treat Sleep Apnea
    Discover the best ways to manage this chronic sleep disorder for the long term. It’s no doubt that we have a sleep epidemic in the US. After all, we certainly don’t Read more
  • Snoring Could Be a Sign of Something More Serious
    Does your partner complain about your snoring? Then you might want to read this! While there are many reasons why people may occasionally snore, if you find that your partner is Read more
  • How We Can Help With Your Insomnia
    Everyone experiences an occasional sleepless night, but chronic insomnia can affect a person’s quality of life. Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which patients experience difficulty falling asleep and/or staying Read more
  • What is Narcolepsy?
    Do you have trouble staying awake during the day, even if you've had a good night's sleep? Narcolepsy, a chronic neurological disorder, may be to blame for your symptoms. Sleep Read more
  • Do I Sleep Walk?
    Sleepwalking, formally known as somnambulism, is a sleep disorder associated with sitting up in bed, walking around, talking, or performing repetitive motions — all while sleeping. Many individuals who sleepwalk Read more
  • Do You Have Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep?
    Do your twitching limbs keep you from getting a good night's sleep? You may have periodic limb movements of sleep (PLMS), a sleep disturbance that can leave you feeling exhausted. Read more

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